Why Canva is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Your Blog

POSTED BY Daniel Doherty
ON Oct 31, 2016

Let’s face it. Words matter but it’s pictures that help capture your readers’ attention. Blogs of all stripes know that having a bright, relevant photo for every post is one of the best ways to bring in new readers through social media and other platforms. Just text won’t cut it. Your featured and social images (thanks to the YOAST SEO plug-in if you swear by WordPress and we do) matter.

But creating an amazing image doesn’t have to be a drag. Even if you have little to no design experience, creating beautiful, relevant graphics for your blog is possible thanks to Canva. Here’s why Canva is the best thing to ever happen to your blog.

No Learning Curve

If you’re like us, you’ve tried to use tools like Photoshop or GIMP to no avail. In order to use programs like that successfully, you need to have a good sense of how to use their editing tools in order to get the results you want and that doesn’t always come naturally. It’s a much different story with Canva.

Bloggers, self-published authors, small companies, and more have been swearing by Canva for some time thanks to the fact that using it is extremely intuitive. Canva offers easy to use tools, which we’ll actually talk about in a second, that make it simple to make images in a flash.

Loads of Images and Fonts

Hunting down the right stock photo can be a pain but Canva actually offers a wide array of images available for use. From high-quality shots to simple drawings, there are both free images and one-time use license photos available for just one dollar. It’s highly unlikely you won’t find at least one photo on Canva that will work for you.

Should you decide to go with a paid photo, you’ll have 24 hours in which you can edit and fix up your blog image before it will be charged to your account. So don’t worry. If you end up changing your mind about the composition of your image, you still have options. It’s important to have the rights to every photo you publish on your blog but luckily, Canva makes doing just that an inexpensive and simple process.

You’ll also have the ability to add in geometric shapes, borders, backgrounds, and more, most of which are free as well.

There’s quite a heavy catalogue of fonts as well, from straight-forward fonts like Abril Fatface to more decorative ones like Megrim or Shadows into Light, making it simple to find the perfect one to set the right tone. Canva will even automatically recolour fonts if it thinks, say, white will work better with your image versus black but you can change your fonts to whatever colour you desire.

Bloggers, self-published authors, small companies, and more have been swearing by Canva for some time thanks to the fact that using it is extremely intuitive.

Lots of Tools

Canva offers a wide array of tools, all of which, as we talked about earlier, are especially friendly for people who aren’t experienced with graphic design. From filtering photos to adding in header text and body text, creating attractive designs is easy. For instance, say you love a photo but you don’t think that it matches your image’s colour scheme. Play around with the filters until you get the right tint. Think your font should be in front of the circle in the centre of your image? Click to pop the font in front. From resizing aspects of your photo to layering, Canva offers lots of amazing tools to play with. Spend a couple hours messing around with it and familiarize yourself, although it really won’t take long to come up with an image you love.

Overall, we recommend Canva highly. From being simple to use and offering thousands of wonderful free and cheap images, it's really no wonder why Canva has taken off. It just might be the best thing you ever decided to use for your blog, all without breaking the bank.

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