Isn’t It Finally Time to Easily Create, Automate and Deliver Your Content So You Can Stop Feeling Overwhelmed With It?

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You Can Unleash the Power of Content Automation and Expand Your Possibilities at Thrive Implementation Days

Do you wish you could let automation help you with scheduling your social media but you’re not sure how?

Are you ready to start leveraging cloud-based apps to get more done with confidence?

Do you get stuck on knowing what to create and how and always keep running into roadblocks because you are missing the right processes and guides?

Do you regularly feel overwhelmed with all you need to do in your business? Do you find it hard to keep up with technology and all those tasks you “should” be doing?

You have come to the right place. Thrive is for business owners who want to continue to grow. You will be provided with tools and resources to not only build your business but to work smarter.

What is Thrive?

Thrive are business work groups consisting of small groups of business owners working on a specific area of business.  We cover most areas of content creation for your business but most specifically in Social Media, Blogging and Video. You will learn how to automate and streamline those processes.

We break through the overwhelm and teach you the simple steps you need to become a master in these areas.

Ongoing Free Support

Thrive is all about educating, sharing, connecting and supporting. Our support doesn’t stop at the end of the day. You will become a part of the Content Kitchen Thrive Community where we will provide you with free ongoing support through online groups, webinars, emails and more.


These days are designed to remove one of the trickiest roadblocks to creating content: You!

We show you how to create unlimited content and apply this to your social media posts, blogging, video and scheduling so you can save oodles of time and do the things you prefer.

We help you create your secret sauce!

We and your fellow class members will keep you accountable. Tick off those tasks and get it done.


You'll have access to both Daniel & Cindy throughout the day and post event. You'll be provided with processes, systems, apps and more to make the magic happen!

The Framework for Creating Unlimited content for your Blogs

A list of Blog Post Ideas to write about for months to come

An easy to use and guaranteed framework to make writing easy

Framework for creating unlimited content to create your scripts

Monthly Posting Schedule

One week Scheduled Plan ready to go

Framework for an effective ongoing Social Media Plan


Need to talk to someone about THRIVE first?

Share your contact info, and we’ll give you a call to get all your questions about the THRIVE answered.

There is more!

Processes so you can do it all again

A tool kit of resources to make blogging easy

Access to Facebook Study Group

Pre and Post Event Guidance

Post Event Webinars

Access to our online training

Access to HOW TO videos

Access to BONUS Process & Step By Step Maps

Access to BONUS Training material

Work Book included

12 months Access to all Training Material Upgrades

Here’s What Past Participants Have to Say About Their Experience:

Ralph Rintoule

Thanks Dan & Cindy with your "Thrive Course" I learnt about "White Noise" and a whole lot more. I am now putting together concepts and blogs that I had refused as too time consuming and technical. I cannot recommend your courses enough. Childproof for an old dinosaur like me to use. Best one day education session with excellent content and easy follow up manual. Looking forward to the next one.
Citrine Property Investors & Marketing

Kathy Karas

Thanks Cindy and Dan. That was one awesome day! I've learned so much my head hurts… no really it was fantastic and can't wait for the next Thrive workshop. An awesome day learning about Canva, eClincher and more. An information packed day that will give me the tools to take my business to the next level.
Kathy Karas Artist

Ian Lumsden

Attended my first workshop with Daniel and Cindy on how to manage my Social Media. What a revelation!!!! Great workshop, well run and totally engaging. Although there were others in the room Cindy and Daniel’s expertise in facilitating made me feel as if I was the only one in the room. Addressed all of my questions and with endless patience. Well Done Team!!

Fern Rice

I decided to go to the Thrive Social Media Content & Scheduling day because I wanted to know how to do Social Media and I knew Cindy and Dan would make it easy to follow. I learned about scheduling, got organised with my post themes and got ideas on great apps to help me. I would recommend this Thrive Social Media Content & Scheduling day to everyone with a business who can't figure out their social media.
SME Essentials

Richard De Groot

I decided to attend the Thrive Social Media Content & Scheduling day because the experience I have had with the presenters in the past was good enough to know I was going to get more than my money's worth. The benefits I received from attending this day was learning to post specifics in relation to my business and your needs onto different social media and using the programs to do that with. I would recommend this event to any friend of mine that has any issue with promoting their business and who needs to learn how easy this really is.
Send Out Cards

Greg Gibbs

I've just attended another Social Media day put on by Content Kitchen. Great day learning how to do Social Media. I have now been able to schedule things ahead of time which takes a lot of pressure off you, so when you've got a quiet moment maybe waiting at the airport I can quite easily do my Facebook posting and schedule it months ahead and some great tools in Canva, eClincher and how they can all tie together and help you out. Another great session. Thanks Dan and Cindy.
Boema Coffee Machines

You do not have a content problem. You just don't know how to automate your content collection and creation. We show you how to automate your content processes.

Thrive are business work groups consisting of small groups of business owners working on a specific area of business.  We cover most areas of content creation for your business but most specifically in Social Media, Blogging and Video. You will learn how to automate and streamline those processes.

We break through the overwhelm and teach you the simple steps you need to become a master in these areas.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Unleash the Power of Your Content in Your Business!

Invest In Your Future Success!

We’re confident that your investment of time and money at a THRIVE Day is going to pay off in your business, and we’re going to back it up with a guarantee. If you attend any THRIVE Day, participate in each session but leave questioning the value of this event for your business, let us know within a week and we will fully refund the cost of the course.

Content Kitchen THRIVE Days is your opportunity to truly unleash the power of your content in your business. Not only will you leave this event with the confidence to create and automate your content for your business and all the creative assets, systems and processes you need implemented in your business, you’ll also gain a new perspective that will expand the possibilities available to you!

Isn’t it finally time to leverage all the tools at your fingertips? Register for a THRIVE Days today, and get ready for a whole new world of possibilities.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should attend THRIVE? Is it right for me?

THRIVE is for all business owners who want to get totally organised and highly productive with some simple yet effective planning and easy to use automation tools and processes. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore features of some apps you are already using that you’ve been underutilising, learn applications you haven’t explored yet, and gain the confidence you need to take your business to a new level. This class is especially useful if you bring a spouse, business partner, staff member who is directly involved in your business.

I'm new to THRIVE and all this content stuff. Is is too intense for me?

Definitely not! In fact this is one of the main reasons we keep our class sizes small. So we can give you more direct one-to-one focus. You are also in a room of other business owners who can can bounce ideas off. We also have post implementation day support through webinars and though the community.

So I learn a bunch of stuff and next week it's changed. 

Welcome to our world! This is our niche. We love this stuff and constantly (daily even, I know we need to get a life!) review content creation. We know that you won't be reading everything there is to know. But we cover a lot of ground. We'll be sharing with you our systems to consume content on steroids. With that in mind we sift and dilute great content and get it out onto our blog, guides, howto's, webinars and more. You get loads of post-event support either via the private Facebook Group or just message us. 

What is someone else already does my social media for me?

That's great. Social Media whilst important is one of the elements we cover in your content creation journey. Afterall it is your business. Your ideas and industry. You will always be the best source for content. You just need the right tools and systems. In-fact we are confident you will leave armed with new knowledge and be able to be on the same page as your social media manager, even if you think that is not possible!


Each of our teachers brings a specific skill set to CK Thrive, as well as their experience of running successful online businesses.

Meet The Teachers | ConnectFX

Daniel Doherty AUS


15 years ago I started building websites from a small factory unit I rented from a friend. Over time, we developed and merged systems and technologies and fell in love with automation and content creation. Noticing that over this period of time the one constant with online publishing whether a blog, email marketing, social media and print. Having content is the glue that binds them all. Without content, you may as well not have any of these. I specialise in WordPress and ONTRAPORT (Ontraport Certified Consultant) and have an insatiable appetite for content creation and automation magic.

Cindy Reid | Travel Charm - Guest Concierge

Cindy Reid AUS


Cindy is a productivity and detail person. For the last 5 years Cindy has been taking travel groups overseas and locally. The organisation and skill to manage every possible aspect of international travel with a group of people is staggering and is a blessing she joins us on this journey with Content Kitchen with a natural flair and love of systems, processes and productivity.