Welcome to the Content Kitchen Blogging Team

We’re excited to have you consider writing for the Content Kitchen blog. We want to see whether we're going to be a good match and ask all potential bloggers to submit an application form.

We do not pay our guest bloggers, but we do provide links to their website and social via the author bio at the end of the post and share your content like crazy!

Our readers are mostly business owners wanting to learn to blog with the end goal of being seen as the authority in their niche, get traffic, leads and sales.  We believe the best way to do this is to blog, publish to social media and newsletter/CRM and repurpose their content.

While we look to you, our contributors, to write unique and authentic articles in your own voice, we do ask that you stick to the following guidelines, which will help ensure your article has the best chance of helping our community.

Content & Publishing Guidelines:

  • At least 2,000 words total.
  • The reader should come away from reading the article with at least one thing they can put into action in their business.
  • Intro paragraph should provide a brief summary of the article and tease what the benefit of reading it will be.
  • The body of the blog post should be broken up into sections by clear and obvious headings.
  • Conclusion paragraph should make it very clear what the reader should have taken away from the article and then ask them to participate by leaving a comment.
  • Stick to short 2-4 sentence paragraphs. One sentence paragraphs are encouraged as well.
  • You’re encouraged to link out to supporting articles, websites, and/or resources.
  • If supplying photos there must be permission from the copyright holder to use the photo and/or provide proper attribution and source link for photo or video or infographic.
  • When copying text from another source for curations, please include the quotation as a blockquote.
  • We can take care of getting the Featured Image and managing the SEO for the page.
  • We will be publishing original posts to several Pages and Groups on Facebook, various Twitter accounts, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Evergreen and/or Cornerstone content will also be on rotation on Twitter.
  • A video is likely to also be created based on the blog post with proper author attribution included in the end credits.
  • We also use MissingLettr to create 12 months worth of image and quote imagery that will be posted to social sites as well.
  • To say that we will be publishing the hell out of and repurposing your content to get maximum reach for you is an understatement! 🙂

Suggested Topics:

  • How to article (to be accompanied by screenshots, animated GIFs and video if you are adventurous enough.
  • List Posts (the top 10 ways to write a blog or 7 tools to make you blog like a boss!)
  • Product or Service review
  • Blogging and Publishing Automation tips
  • Curated and Round Up Posts on topics that involve blogging
  • Curated Infographics (one infographic at a time)

If this sounds like your cup of tea?

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