Enhance Your Blog with Stunning Imagery

Enhance Your Blog with Stunning Imagery

Got a keyboard and a mouse?  Good. You’re already primed-and-ready to take your blog’s imagery to the next level.

It should really come as no surprise—as humans, we crave visuals. Our minds are wired visually, and it shows in engagement. For example, Facebook posts receive roughly 2.3x more engagement when joined by visuals. That’s a huge difference!

Since it’s in all of our interests to feature some seriously vivacious visuals across our blogging and media platforms, we whipped up a quick walkthrough of FotoJet, detailing exactly how the process works and where the ease-of-use kicks in (hint: it kicks in throughout the entire experience.)

There are three primary tools we wanted to cover: FotoJet’s Graphic Design Tool, Photo Editor, and Photo Collage Tool.

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FotoJet’s Graphic Design Tool

First up, let’s check out FotoJet’s Graphic Design Tool.

In need of a poster? Invitation? Card? Logo? Magazine Cover? You’re in luck - FotoJet’s got your back. Even social media is covered, with templates available to expertly whisk together an Instagram/Facebook post or YouTube channel art piece.

The free tool doesn’t require any existing expertise or technical know-how on the part of the individual. In fact, you don’t even have to download anything. Because the FotoJet technology is built with HTML5 and Flash, everything happens directly within your browser window.

Here’s how this slick process goes:

  1. Navigate your browser over to FotoJet and choose “Create a Design.
  2. Choose your project type. With the poster option, for example, you can select a thoughtful template with an aesthetic appeal that reflects the spirit of your event.
  3. Edit with text, clipart, and backgrounds.
  4. Save and share on your blog, social channels, or directly with friends and business associates.

Really, that’s the entire process, top-to-bottom.  Some quick stats for you - FotoJet’s collage feature offers more than 80 fonts and 15 text types, greater than 80 total shapes, 20+ backgrounds, and over 500 - yup, five hundred - clipart images. And almost all selections are free-to-use!

FotoJet’s Photo Collage

We particularly like the collage feature.

People, life, animal, holiday, landscape, creative, occasion, love—there’s a collage template to suit any occasion or whim.

All you have to do is select your template (or start from scratch, if you’re feeling adventurous!), drop in your photos where and how you’d like them, and then save. Your collage will immediately be available for sharing! Just like with the Graphic Design Tool, there’s no experience or registration required.

Once inside, you’ll see a handful of options via the left sidebar. After selecting one of the tremendous templates on offer you need only click on “Photo” and “Add Photo”  to plug your friends, family, and adorable animal pics into the collage. Alternatively, you can even experiment with the stock photos they have included before trying your hand at customizing your own.

No matter the photo, there’s so much to play around with. You can rotate, crop, flip, and duplicate any shot directly within the collage.

Want some stylish text? There’s a sweet menagerie of fonts and heading sizes available. Cute clipart? That’s supported, too. There are even Instagram-esque photo filters that will dress any snap up with a boost of colour, timeless black & white tones, or simply whatever new look you’re feeling. And when you’re done, you can choose to wreath it all with a solid, patterned, or gradient background for an additional “pop!”   that really sets everything off.


FotoJet’s Photo Editor

Sometimes, you aren’t in need of a fancy project or clever collage. You just intend to dive into some serious photo editing prior to placement on your blog.

Fortunately, FotoJet is more than up to the task in this respect, too.

Incorporating the same easy-on-the-eyes, intuitive as the Photo Collage and Graphic Design tools, the Photo Editor lets you manipulate and correct a particular image’s properties.

Whether you need to sharpen a picture, adjust colour, focus and exposure, apply a selective filter, or even add in vignette or noise effects, it’s all here. It is a surprisingly powerful editing tool for those without access to a pricey program like Photoshop.

FotoJet’s a bit of a do-it-all piece of tech that will spice up your blogs. If you want to get in on it, you can try it for free now, no download or registration required.

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