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Originally I came to know about Limbik, from friend and mentor Troy Dean who did a video chat with Zach Schwitzky from video marketing analytics company, Limbik.

With Limbik not only can we create custom options on how our audience reacts to our content but as business owners (marketers) we also have options to add CTA's (Call To Action) and Gate content if we need to. Simple but super powerful features.

Zach’s on a mission to make video marketing more effective for marketers and ultimately more engaging for the audience.

With video marketing being the hands-down most popular form of content on any website, it is essential for marketers to know how well their video messages are performing, and how well they are engaging the attention of viewers.

Limbik's interface is easy to use and their support is fast and friendly. They use the Intercom message service within the application that has a neat feature of capturing the email correspondence as well. Keeping all my support and chat in one convenient place - within the app itself. Very slick indeed.

In the past, analytics developed to measure and assess the effectiveness of video engagement focused more on how many times and how much of a video was played. While this information is certainly useful, it doesn’t take into account all the potential distractions that can interfere with engagement.

Limbik is not a hosting provider in the sense that YouTube or Wistia are video hosts – Limbik layers on top of those providers, so that any video you have can be embedded within Limbik, and all the metrics and analytics are then made available to you.

Read the full article and watch video interview on Rockstar Empires here where they cover:

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How Limbik Is Different for Video Marketing
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Benefits of Limbik
Dynamic CTA’s
Email Gates

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