About Us

What the does that even mean? Go back to a time when KFC was called Kentucky Fried Chicken and we were all intrigued by their secret herbs and spices (apparently not so secret anymore!) and McDonalds and their Big Mac with its special sauce that nothing else compared to.

What was it about these businesses? What made it so special to have secret sauces and herbs and spices? It was because you couldn't get that tasty burger or that crispy chicken anywhere else (or so the marketing said). It's what made McDonalds and KFC stand out from the crowd at the time. It was their unique product that drew the crowds and made them shine.

It's that standing out from the crowd that we want for you, for any business owner struggling to be seen in a noisy world.

Our passion is to teach you how to create and reveal your very own secret sauce. To bring the very things that make you different from your competitors out and to the forefront. We want your authenticity, passion for your business and unique talents to shine through.

And that is what Content Kitchen is all about. Through proven Blogging techniques, tools and automation, workshops and community and through our own experience and knowledge we will teach you how to use your authentic voice and share your stories to "Create your Secret Sauce" through Blogging.


Meet the Founders of Content Kitchen (and yes if you haven't worked it out by now they love their food).

Dan & Cindy

Daniel Doherty


17 years ago I started building websites from a small factory unit I rented from a friend.

Over time, we developed and merged systems and technologies and fell in love with automation and content creation.

Over this period of time, I noticed the one constant was online publishing whether a blog, email marketing, social media and print.

Having content is the glue that binds them all. Without content, you may as well not have any of these.

I specialise in WordPress and ONTRAPORT and have an insatiable appetite for content creation and automation magic.



Co-founder of Content Kitchen, Cindy brings a natural flair and love of organisation, planning and productivity to the table.

She also brings a talent for being able to share stories, experiences and ideas and is passionate about helping others do the same.

For the last 5 years, Cindy has been taking travel groups overseas and locally and for the last year has focused on building her travel blog.